Microsoft Unveils Xbox One S All-Digital Edition Console:

While today's announcement of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition and its $250 USD suggested retail price makes it the cheapest console in the Xbox One family, the $300 USD Xbox One S is regularly on sale at or below the $250 USD price point, leading some to question whether the All-Digital Edition will follow suit to maintain the intention of keeping it the lowest priced console in the Xbox One family.

When reached for comment a Microsoft spokesperson said, "Microsoft sets a suggested retail price, but specific pricing and offers vary by retailer. The suggested retail price for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is $50 USD less than Xbox One S and we expect to maintain at least this price difference between the two consoles following launch on May 7.”

This would seem to indicate that any ongoing Xbox One S bundle sales should continue through the May 7 launch of the All-Digital Edition but may be discontinued as supplies run out.


Fallout 76 Beta Pre-Load Is Now Live On Xbox OneGet ready to explore the wastes.:

Fallout 76's release date is a month away, but some players will have a chance to try Bethesda's new multiplayer-focused RPG very soon. Following the recent pre-beta stress test, Bethesda is kicking off the first Fallout 76 beta session on Xbox One on October 23 (before expanding it to PS4 and PC the following week), and those who've qualified are able to pre-load it right now.

The Fallout 76 beta is open exclusively to those who've pre-ordered the game, so if you want to jump in, you'll need to reserve Fallout 76 on your platform of choice. Not everyone who pre-orders will get into the beta right away, however, as Bethesda will gradually invite more players in waves. You'll also need to have an Xbox Live Gold or PS Plus subscription in order to participate.

As Bethesda details on its FAQ page, to download the beta, you'll first need to find the redemption code on your pre-order receipt or in the email confirmation you received. After that, you'll need to log in to Bethesda's website, then input the code using the link on the FAQ. Once that is completed, Bethesda says it will send an email with further instructions.

The first beta session is scheduled to begin on October 23 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET and run until 8 PM PT / 11 PM ET. No further dates and times have been announced yet, but Bethesda says it will be running during "targeted time frames." According to the developer, the purpose of the beta is to "stress test and break the game," so players should expect some hiccups along the way. The beta will go on until shortly before the game's launch next month.

Fallout 76 releases for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14. Unlike previous installments in the series, 76 is an always-online RPG with an emphasis on multiplayer, which we found makes for a very different kind of Fallout game.

These 'Fresh Prince' Controllers Aren't Official, But They Should Be.:

With lots of limited-edition variants to coincide with games and places like Xbox Design Labs offering players a way to recolor them, custom controllers are all the rage. And while I usually stick to the de facto designs most of the time, this particular design might make me reconsider.

Third-party controller modding house Kustom Kontrollerz have come up with conceptual designs for controllers inspired by The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, an iconic sitcom of the '90s starring Will Smith. The designs are intensely colorful, recalling the neon graffiti stylings of the original series, complete with a "Fresh" logo on the handles of the PS4 and Xbox renditions. You can see the full concept design below.

Can't stay away from the 90s! #TheFreshPriceOfBelAir Kustom Kontrollerz! Cc: @officialjaden @jadapsmith RTs and Likes are appreciated! Tag a friend who was born in the 90s! #FreshPrince (Designed by @deano_ramsay) pic.twitter.com/aMrNzibZFz

— Kustom Kontrollerz™ (@KustmKontrllerz) April 12, 2018

Of course, the designs are in no way official or licensed, and their availability is a little vague. Kustom Kontrollerz is trying to reach out to Smith (who is not on Twitter), so hopefully they can make some sort of deal happen between them and the company that owns the rights to the show. With a reboot/sequel in rumored to be in the works, this would be an interesting licensing deal.
Rainbow Six Siege's 4.2 Update Is Out, Here Are The Patch NotesHere's how Rainbow Six Siege has changed:

Ubisoft has rolled out the latest update for Rainbow Six Siege this week, and it's a significant one. The 4.2 patch, which serves as the Mid-Season Reinforcement patch for the current season, is now live on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, introducing a variety of buffs and nerfs to individual Operators.

As detailed earlier this month, patch 4.2 primarily deals with balance changes. Concussion effects are being reduced, and they'll no longer disable sprinting, a change that impacts both Ela and Zofia. Ela also takes a hit to the magazine size of her SMG, which drops from 50 to 40 bullets. Ash also sees a nerf to the damage done by her R4-C, while Twitch's Shock Drone ammo drops significantly, from 15 to 5. Additionally, Bandit gets one fewer barbed wire to deploy.

It's not bad news for everyone. Lesion's Gu mines will now refill more quickly, and Capitao's Para-308 sees a damage boost. Ubisoft previously explained why it's making all of these changes, but as you'd expect, it largely boils down to feeling certain characters were over- or underpowered.

Outside of balance changes, Ubisoft has released improvements to the Caster Camera. It's also added a new animation icon for when a teammate is disabling the Defuser. Perhaps more importantly, once the Defuser is placed, its progress is displayed in place of the round timer. Ubisoft said it plans to continue improving the Bomb mode and will share more details in the future.

The update is now available on all platforms. You can check out the full patch notes here. Ubisoft has already confirmed another year of content for Siege--the Year Three season pass is up for sale--but specifics on new maps or Operators have not been announced.


Xbox One X Is "Not For Everybody," Says Microsoft's Phil Spencer"Xbox One S will be the market leader for us. It's the more affordable console."

In just a few weeks, Microsoft will launch a new console in the form of the Xbox One X. A more powerful version of the Xbox One, the system arrives on November 7, priced at $500 in the United States. While Microsoft of course expects it to sell well (the pre-orders are apparently strong already), Xbox boss Phil Spencer has now reiterated that the lower-cost Xbox One S model will remain Microsoft's best-selling console this generation.

"Xbox One S will be the market leader for us. It's the more affordable console. It plays all the same games," Spencer told us at the Brazil Game Show. "It will be the console that sells."

The Xbox One X, meanwhile, is aimed at players who are looking for the "very best experience" with a home console. Even if you don't have a 4K TV, you'll still see the benefits of the console's increased horsepower and more, Spencer pointed out. But similar to the Xbox One Elite controller, the Xbox One X won't be for everyone. It's all about giving players choice; if they want to spend more for a high-end experience, they can. This has been the setup on PC basically since the start, and now consoles are catching up, starting last year with the PS4 Pro and now the Xbox One X.

"Whether you're on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV, you're going to have a great experience. But it's not for everybody. It's like when we built the Xbox One Elite controller, we didn't try to say to everybody, 'If you need an extra controller, go buy the Elite controller.' We sold a ton of those controllers. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there's also people where gaming is their number one hobby.

"Their number one form of entertainment, and we want to give them the very best experience. I've played games in true 4K with HDR, and they look fantastic. But it doesn't mean everybody has to do that. So we're giving gamers a choice. Whether we've pushed the innovation too far? It's hard to do that with gamers. I guess we'll see; I feel very confident in the product we have coming to market."

Are you going to pick up an Xbox One X next month? Let us know in the comments below!

You can also read GameSpot's full interview with Phil Spencer here. It encapsulates all the stories featured below, plus a little more insight from the Xbox boss on 4K TVs, staying ahead of the curve in tech, and Microsoft's strategy for third-party games.


Last Chance To Pick Up These Xbox Games With Gold TitlesOlly olly Oxenfree!

It's only halfway through October, but two Games with Gold titles are on their way out. Today will be your last chance to pick them up for the low, low price of free.

Supernatural adventure game Oxenfree for Xbox One and platformer Rayman 3 HD for Xbox 360 are heading out of rotation. Gone Home will remain free for the remainder of the month, and starting tomorrow, The Turing Test and Medal of Honor: Airborne will be up for grabs.

October 2017 Games With Gold LineupXbox One
  • Gone Home (October 1-31)
  • The Turing Test (October 16-November 15)
  • Oxenfree (September 16-October 15)
Xbox 360
  • Rayman 3 HD (October 1-15)
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne (October 16-31)

Xbox One Cross-Play With Another Game Confirmed (But Not On PS4)Crazy Justice will have cross-play on Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

At E3 this year, Microsoft made a big announcement regarding cross-play. It confirmed that Minecraft would add cross-play between almost all versions of the game, meaning Xbox One players will play with people on competing platforms such as Nintendo Switch. Sony hasn't allowed cross-play with Xbox One (or any other console platform as of yet), but it was an exciting and encouraging announcement all the same. Now, another game has been confirmed to offer cross-play between Xbox One and Switch.

Developer Black Riddles has announced that its cel-shaded third-person shooter Crazy Justice will offer cross-play between Xbox One, Switch, and PC. Xbox boss Phil Spencer amplified the announcement by retweeting the post to his 486,000 followers.

Crazy Justice is currently seeking funds on the crowdfunding website Fig, which offers traditional, rewards-based backing and actual investment opportunities. Right now, funding stands at $26,665 of its $30,000 target. The campaign ends on October 20.

Crazy Justice is due out in 2018 for Xbox One, Switch, and PC, as well as PS4. However, it sounds like there won't be cross-play support on PS4. You can learn more about Crazy Justice through the videos above and below, and on Fig here.

In March 2016, Microsoft extended an invitation to other online networks to connect to Xbox Live to allow cross-play between Xbox and competing consoles. While Nintendo is on board, Sony has held out. The company says it won't connect PlayStation Network to outside networks, in part because it fears for the safety of its users.

Just last week, Spencer said conversations with Sony are ongoing. However, he said he's unsure if Sony will ever allow PlayStation Network to connect to Xbox Live.

"I'm never going to call anything a lost cause but I think some of the fundamental reasons and certain scenarios, they're not really going away. So I don't know what would change," Spencer said.