The Casio Loopy (Japanese: ルーピー Hepburn: Rūpī), subtitled My Seal Computer SV-100, is a 32-bit home video game console. Released exclusively in Japan in October 1995, it was unique in that the marketing for it was completely targeted to female gamers.

The Loopy includes a built-in thermal color printer that can be used to create stickers from game screenshots. An optional accessory, called Magical Shop (マジカルショップ Majikaru Shoppu), is a video capture device to obtain images from VCRs and DVD players. Users may add text to these images and make stickers. Including Magical Shop's own built-in software, the Loopy game library contains 1 titles. The Loopy features one controller port for use with a standard game controller or with a mouse (sold separately). Developer Kenji Terada worked on Loopy Town no Oheya ga Hoshii!.

Casio dropped the support of the console in 1996, only one year after its release.

  • Anime Land (あにめらんど Animerando)
  • Bow-wow Puppy Love Story (わんわん愛情物語 Wanwan Aijō Monogatari)
  • Dream Change: Kokin-chan's Fashion Party (ドリームチェンジ 小金ちゃんのファッションパーティー Dorīmuchenji Kokinchanno Fasshonpātī)
  • HARIHARI Seal Paradise (HARIHARIシールパラダイス HARIHARI Shīru Paradaisu)
  • I Want a Room in Loopy Town! (ルーピータウンのおへやがほしい! Rūpī Taun no O-heya ga Hoshii!)
  • Little Romance (リトルロマンス Ritoru Romansu)
  • Lupiton's Wonder Palette (ルピトンのワンダーパレット Rupiton no Wandāparetto)
  • Chakra-kun's Charm Paradise (チャクラくんのおまじないパラダイス Chakurakun no Omajinai Paradaisu)
  • Caricature Artist (似顔絵アーティスト Nigaoe Ātisuto)
  • PC Collection (パソコン・コレクション Pasokon Korekushon)

The games PC Collection and Lupiton’s Wonder Palette were both either available as a stand-alone purchase or bundled with the mouse.