The Bandai Super Vision 8000 is a home video game console released by Bandai in 1979 belonging to the second generation. The console can be directly connected to a TV.

This console was the last of the Bandai TV Jack console series but was completely different from the other consoles of the series. The Super Vision 8000 had a central CPU. The other consoles belonged to the first generation: they didn't feature a microprocessor, and were based on custom codeless state machine computers consisting of discrete logic circuits comprising each element of the game itself (Pong-style console).

Technical specifications
  • the CPU was an 8-bit NEC D780C (Z80 clone), running at 3.58 MHz
  • 256 pixel x 192 with 16 colors
  • the audio chip was a General Instrument AY-3-8910. Three channel sound, with one noise generator
  • selling price in Japan: 59,800 Yen

All seven games released for the console have been developed by Bandai Electronics and sold since 1979.

  • Missile Vader
  • Space Fire
  • Othello
  • Gun Professional
  • PacPacBird
  • Submarine
  • Beam Galaxian