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Okay. This might seem it's hard and it might seem it will take forever. But It's not. Trust me on this.

I've been using this site to earn points to watch videos and do surveys & to download apps to my smart phone. The site will pay you through PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account please sign up & get a PayPal Debit Card. Earn points on the site. 1 point is 1 cent. get yourself as many referrals as you can. the higher you level up on the site from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum to the highest is Diamond. The rewards will get cheaper and you get more % from your referrals. You can do a custom Paypal amount reward to your paypal. log into your Wii Shop from your Nintendo Wii or Wii U. You can use your Paypal debit card to get the games you want before Nintendo shuts down the service. I just cashed out of my account and got free Paypal money. I make a little over $100 dollars a month from the site. when you don't want any more downloaded WiiWare or WiiShop games. you can get Xbox Live, Playstation Network, Wii U, 3DS & Switch eshop points with your PayPal debit card. Here is the link.

Free Video Games

P.S. You can enter a promo code every four days at 9PM Eastern Time for a little extra cash. Also you can complete the daily challenge and get 13 extra cents every day. make sure your email matches your Paypal primary email address.